Bahamas : Solid Waste, a grave concern for the environment.

Solid waste when not disposed of properly can pose severe health hazards to the inhabitants particularly to those living close to a waste dump area besides affecting a lot of people. When these wastes stay there for an extended period of time, they cause health hazards along with an increased risk of disease and infection. A case in point is the beautiful island of Bahamas. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, south east of Florida and the United States, the Bahamas is the most popular Caribbean destination. The islands are spectacular with their tropical scenery and diverse wild life.

Hasty urbanization and growth have brought with them serious drawbacks of solid waste in the Caribbean island which is the outcome of escalating population and the rising demand for food and other requisites. This in turn has enlarged the quantity of waste being generated by each household. The people just chuck away their own trash in the adjacent dump or pit without concern for the environment or the health hazards. The administration which has been assigned the duties of cleaning the garbage turns a blind eye to this problem and takes the work of cleaning up garbage lackadaisically. A common sight in most places is of accumulated garbage burning. This not only is harmful for human beings in the vicinity, it also is damaging to the environment.

There is a lack of land areas and resources available for the safe disposal of waste. Population growth has lead to the generation of solid waste such as food and kitchen waste, paper, glass, metal and plastic containers and packaging and clothing waste. Hazardous waste if not recycled or disposed of properly has the potential to become litter. These in turn convert to marine litter as soon as they are discarded, disposed of or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment.

One of the most severe threats posing out of marine litter is the sustainability of the natural habitats and wildlife. Due to the lack of adequate landfills, the waste materials are disposed of into open air dump. To add to the worries, during storms or coastal downpour the water can easily bring the waste from the open air dumps into the sea.

Solid Waste, a grave concern for the environment

To ensure that the environment and the people of Bahamas are protected, appropriate method of waste disposal or recycling should be implemented. People should refrain from littering their waste material on the ground. Whatever is possible should be recycled since this is the best and easiest method available. Most importantly, adults and kids both alike should be informed about the harms associated with waste and marine litter.

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