Belgium has become the favored destination of Child Prostitution

Belgium is one of the most vibrant economies both in Europe and worldwide and possibly is one of the freest countries in the world when it comes to the moral freedom front. Gays and lesbians enjoy equal rights as heterosexuals and Euthanasia was recognized and legalized as early as 2002. Despite being a country where medieval era seems to be the backdrop of contemporary beauty, an undercurrent of gloom in the form of child prostitution plagues the nation.

There has been an escalating demand in Belgium’s child prostitution and it has turned into a “favored destination” for modern day sex slaves. The victims are from Belgium’s former African colonies and Eastern Europe.

According to Patsy Sorensen, Belgium’s leading campaigner against child prostitution, “More and more traffickers go to schools to find youngsters, especially in Eastern Europe. The girls are 14, 15 and 16 years of age but, after working for a year as a prostitute, they look like they are 21. They are vulnerable, afraid and lack the maturity to defend themselves”. It is tricky to unearth the degree of child prostitution taking place; since children are victimized in their homes itself and they never speak up because they feel too much disgrace and guilt for no fault of their own. Unable to bear the humiliation, the victims run away from their homes and start living in the streets.  Soon afterwards, prostitution remains the only way for them to earn a living. However, older children do admit their involvement in prostitution. They are then given assistance by NGOs.

The figures of sex trafficking victims are rising every year. Also sufferers of such inhuman acts later get addicted to cocaine, gambling, and heroine etc.   A great number of children are vanishing every year and they end up in child prostitution because they are just right targets for traffickers. These victims are truly in a susceptible position.


One thought on “Belgium has become the favored destination of Child Prostitution

  1. our church works with Asian human trafficking in Pennsylvania (Montgomery County (specifically Abington TWP) covered it up)

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