Poverty, a social setback in Bangladesh

One problem which belittles many of the problems faced by countries is the problem of poverty. As they say “poverty is the root cause of many evils in society”. Bangladesh is a country that is facing the evils of poverty. One of the poorest countries in the world, the population of Bangladesh is predominantly rural with 85 percent of its 135 million people living in rural areas. The rural populace by and large depends on agriculture for their livelihood. The arable land is both fertile and vulnerable even as frequent floods and cyclones destroy crops, livestock and property.

Poverty, a social setback in Bangladesh

Poverty and overcrowding has hard-pressed more and more people in Bangladesh to seek out their livelihood in unsafe areas of the country and they lack the competence to arrange even minimal safety measures for themselves. They are also exposing themselves to life threatening menace. About 20 percent of the rural household lives in extreme poverty which leads them to serious illness or disabilities. Even if they manage to eat enough by cultivating in their small plot of land, however, their diet lacks proteins and other nutritional elements. At times, they don’t have food to eat because of sudden floods and drought which periodically destroy their farms and lands. Hopes of many Bangladeshis to survive are wiped out because of poverty, death, famine and natural disasters.

Countless Bangladeshi men are moving out of their land in search of greener pastures and this is only adding to the agony of the women folks. The women left behind, or the widows, turn out to be the sole bread earners of the households. In addition to limited income-earning opportunities, the women face gender discrimination, which in turn makes them more susceptible to dangers. As they earn less, their nutritional intake is often insufficient to sustain a healthy body. They cannot even feed themselves, let alone feed their children.

One of the core causes of poverty in Bangladesh is its over population. The population growth must be controlled since it puts pressure on the environment which in turn leads to erosion and flooding. If not controlled, it will worsen the already suffering populace, and will aggravate the situation of rural poor people.


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