Quality of Human Rights is dreadfully low in Haiti

No individual can ever fail to remember the 2010 Haiti earthquake where an estimated 316,000 people had died, 300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made destitute. The earthquake caused major damages to the nation. The catastrophic earthquake tore the Haiti apart and woke the world to the atrocious plight of its people. It has suffered greatly after the earthquake; however the earthquake alone is not the single problem Haiti must deal with. Even before the earthquake, Haiti had been the poorest country in the Americas. It has suffered much in its 200 year history because of natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, politics and cruel dictators. But, presently what is ailing the Haitians more than anything else is the quality of Human Rights which is dreadfully low in Haiti.

Quality of Human Rights is dreadfully low in Haiti

People in Haiti are suffering due to various causes. Political parties constantly indulge in bloody conflicts which have made the life of the Haitians very unsettling. Executions without a trail have become the order of the day and police brutality is a normal sight. Rights of the labour are not enforced and the unionists who try to demonstrate to voice their opinions are detained or killed. Even, the common people are living in terror because of mob violence. In urban areas, armed gangs pose severe security threats. Also, criminals, former soldiers, and former military regimes are accountable for most of the violence. In addition, local narcotics consumption and drug trade are increasing rapidly. But most disturbing fact is that, the judicial system which should be above all the malpractice is crooked, dysfunctional and inefficient, especially in rural areas. Even the Haitian prisons are very small in size and 80 percent of the inmates are in pre-trail detention. Prisoners, who are sent to jail, fear for their life as the prison cell is filled to capacity and in extremely poor conditions. To add to the worries, Haiti is suffering from human trafficking and there is no law to prohibit the trafficking and huge numbers of people are being sold every year.
When the Human Rights in a country are of a poor quality, human existences itself become deteriorated. The worst sufferers of the Human Rights violation are the children. Kidnappings, killings, sexual violence and child trafficking are obliterating the life of the Haitian children on a regular basis. Kidnapping is a particularly strong concern. Children are becoming easy targets for the kidnappers, especially girls, and many of the girls who are abducted are also sexually abused. Overall, the whole picture depicts a disturbing civil and human rights violations and a large number of Haitians are at risk of losing their life.

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