Sufferers of Mental Health Disorders deserve to live!! Like us they too are humans !!

Armenia is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Magnificently adorned with hilly land, Armenia is inherited with natural, fast flowing rivers and deep forested areas. The people are hard working, sociable and proud of their legacy. The whole thing sounds perfect for the region, but behind the eyes of the naive and friendly people lies a hard truth. Thousands of populace in Armenia live with mental health problems and exist in an indecisive society, a society that does not recognize them as equivalent. The society discards their own people because of the myths surrounding mental disorders, which they blindly believe.

Mental health and well being should not be dismissed as being of little importance.

The maximum populace believes that the people with mental health disorders should be reserved in sanatorium, that they are by and large violent and hazardous or that they cannot do any work. Because of these myths they are concealed from the public eye by their family members who are ashamed of them. Parents of the affected people do not even consider taking them to the psychologists since they fear that they will be shunned by the society and will be marked as mentally unstable themselves. It is distressing that these people who also have the right to live are suffering because of social stigmas and myths.

Professionals for the treatment of mental disorders exist in small numbers and even if they are available they are too expensive for the common people. Furthermore, most psychiatric hospitals do not have the required infrastructure to take care of their patients. At times the hospitals are over populated and no distinctive care is taken for diverse disorders. Also even though occasionally the families do decide to take   professional help, the victims of mental disorder are never welcome back into their own homes post treatment.

Mental health and wellbeing should not be dismissed as being of little importance and necessary action should be taken for the well being of the sufferers.

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