The meance of Drug Abuse in Australia

Using drugs can cause harm in home, at work, school and in relationships leaving a person miserable and lonely, secluded and ashamed. Nationwide surveys suggest that around a third of Australia’s young people have tried illicit substances. Cannabis is the most commonly tried and frequently used illicit substance. In Australia, cannabis is the third most prevalent drug of dependence after alcohol and tobacco. The groups who try it turn out to be dependent on it at some point of their lives. Moreover, escalating numbers of youth in their twenties are trying “designer” or “party” drugs such as ecstasy.

The menace of Drug Abuse in Australia

A lot of people try drugs because their friends tell them to do so or out of curiosity, or to ease problems like anxiety, stress, or depression. Alcohol is responsible for the majority of drug related deaths in Australia. A great number of people who try drugs are minors and they try drugs out of inquisitiveness. They find it a potentially fun and thrilling activity. Drug users later in their life can develop psychological problems like crime, mental illness or suicide.

A positive approach can be seen as more Australians are coming out for getting treated for drug and alcohol abuse and this in a way is preparing them for the road ahead. If the policy makers and the researchers acknowledged and address the problems, it would definitely be an essential step along the way to recovery for drug addiction.


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