The menace of malnutrition is rapidly escalating in Chad

The people of the Central African Country of Chad are facing stern food shortages. Two million of the Chadians are at risk of severe food shortages, furthermore, the majority of the populace susceptible by the potential food crisis are already extremely deprived and not in a condition to afford enough foods in coming months. To add to the crisis, harvest in Chad has fallen by 34 percent and rains have become a rarity.

In western Chad, huge numbers of children are facing malnutrition.

In western Chad, huge numbers of children are facing malnutrition. Drought across the region have destroyed crops and forced two million people to food aid. In addition to these, safe drinking water and basic health care facility is very minimal in the region. As many as 8,000 children are at risk of life threatening malnutrition. Local agriculture has crippled due to changing weather conditions and led to severe droughts. But the situation was not always like this. “We used to have plenty of food here, but we don’t get as much rain anymore and there is more and more sand everywhere,” said one local Chadians.  The good time has long vanished and now the families are struggling to feed themselves.

To cope up with the trying circumstances, most families in the region are cutting out on their meals by reducing the number of meals they consume. 70percent of the populace are eating less nutritious food, while a third of them are resorting to unpalatable foods such as leaves and berries. They are even selling their possessions to raise money and feed their hungry stomach. The situation is worrying as an estimated two million people are suffering from food insecurity and without help these populace are in the imminent risk of dying. Unless sustainable solutions to hunger are not implemented, the fight against malnutrition will not be successful.

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