Water scarcity affecting the lives of the millions of Angolans!!

Situated in the South West Central Africa, is a large developing country named Angola. Its capital city is Luanda. Angola is blessed by widespread oil and mineral reserves in addition to arable land suitable for large-scale production of plentiful crops. Angola is wealthy from its natural resources; however there are a number of problems which are hindering the development of Angola.

Water scarcity affecting the lives of the millions of Angolans!!

Angola still faces challenges with its infrastructure and with providing government services, chiefly in basic social services, aviation and travel safety, housing accessibility and quality, and communications. One of the foremost problems faced by the Angolans is the water crisis. Clean water is the fundamental requisite of livelihood and unavailability of the same will lead to diverse life threatening diseases. What better example can we get than Angola? It is very upsetting and distressing to know that, in a survey by USAID, it has been found, Angola has the highest rate of diarrheal disease in the world with the 114 years of life lost to diarrheal diseases for every 1000 Angolans.

Contaminated water, insufficient storm water drainage plus lack of even minimal sanitation facilities have resulted in high and steadily increasing rates of water and excreta-related diseases. Luanda, its capital city is the case in point of worst sanitation region in Angola as well as in the hill side refugee camps adjoining the city where more than a million internally displaced persons still reside. If this is the dilemma faced by the residents of the “capital” city, we shudder to imagine about the populace residing in the rural vicinity of Angola who must be facing a lot of hurdle.

Until and unless the water problems/shortness is not solved it is extremely difficult for the Angolans to survive in an unhygienic environment and sustain life and livelihood. There are quite a few ways to solve the water crisis. On the occasion of World Water Day (March 22) which is celebrated under the motto “Water and Catastrophe – Being Aware and Prepared” instituted by World Organization of Meteorology, it has been declared that the reduction of the vulnerability in the supplying system along with improved intervention capacity in cases of disasters are some of the measures to help solve problems associated with water in Angola. The populace must be sensitized on the menace and should be trained to make the most of available information in order to prevent any critical situation from cropping up. These are some of the measures which can be adopted to solve the water crisis.


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