Women Suffering In Silence in Argentina

Women Suffering In Silence in Argentina

Being the eighth-largest country in the world by land and the largest among Spanish-speaking nations, Argentina is blessed by diverse cultural and culinary ethnicity, natural beauty and diversity which are the reasons for attraction of scores of tourists around the year. Although Argentina provides cosmopolitan sophistication on the one hand, conversely, Argentina’s indigenous people face struggles pertaining to fundamental issues of survival. The cultural and linguistic integrity of the populace are waning rapidly; they are also suffering owing to land rights.  However, those who are suffering the most are the women folk. A country headed for growth needs its women to be well-informed and protected, a case missing in Argentina.

Women in Argentina are facing plenty of tribulations to survive and their safety is being threatened. Violence and discrimination against women are unending evils in the country.  Despite efforts in recent years to diminish these abuses, aboriginals and women belonging to other marginal ethnic groups continue to suffer in silence; they are also the ones who are discriminated most in employment. To add to the qualms, the immigrant women are enticed with lucrative and deceptive job offers and soon after they are forced into the Argentine sex trade. Argentina, in this manner has become a hotspot for international sex trade.

Domestic violence is also a grave problem faced by the Argentine women. According to Amnesty International Report which was conducted in August 2008, “a woman dies every two days as a result of domestic violence in Argentina”. Even though the law proscribes domestic violence including spousal abuse and consider it as a “misdemeanor” but the sad part is that these grievances are addressed in civil rather than criminal courts. These are not the only problems faced by women in Argentina. Rape, sexual harassment, exploitation, economic discrimination, the list goes on. Women in Argentina are struggling for their place in their own land. In this context, it may be mentioned that a lot of women have understood that their struggle against oppression should not be subordinated to other struggles and should be given more importance which in turn will lend a helping hand to them to live a life of dignity and pride.


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