Ailing Education System in Kenya

Economic development of a country depends on the growth of modern educational system. Keeping this in mind, several African countries have given high precedence to develop formal education. Furthermore, with the interest of expanding primary and secondary educational system, these countries have given out most of their meager resources. When it comes to Kenya, the future of Kenya’s educational system lurks in the dark with the mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, lack of lucidity in the government and the like.

Ailing Education System in Kenya.

The first and foremost setback is the shortage of teachers and learning resources. It stands as an impediment to right to education. There is a not even minimum resource in some of the schools. In addition, textbooks are so expensive that it’s not possible for the poor family to purchase books for their children and it keeps on altering year after year. While it has been stated that primary education is free, however parents pay a huge sum of money to enroll their students. The funds are misused which leads to unavailability of adequate study materials, empty school libraries, lack of chalks and text books. Also due to lack of funds the government does not occupy teachers because they lack funds to administer them.  There is also overcrowding in old schools but no new schools have been constructed to accommodate the pupils who take admission. In addition to this, there are no playing fields for the school children since all the vacant lands have been housed by classrooms. And the last but not the least, computer facility is a distant dream for the school children.

The already existing private colleges and higher educational institutions are not legalized and also they provide poor quality education. On the other hand, day after day new institutions crop up in every nook and corner in Kenya but which could not guarantee first rate education.

While there are lots of reasons for the substandard quality of education in Kenya, one reason which plays a big factor in hindering the growth of education is Poverty. When it comes to choosing between learning and food, people prefer food in lieu of education. There are a massive number of drop outs of school children in the country because parents cannot meet the expense of the cost of educational demands. They prefer their children to work and help in providing basic needs of life. In this way, the future of the millions of children lurks in the dark with no hope for renewal until and unless the learning structure is enhanced for the betterment of the lot.


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