The worst form of Human Rights violation can be witnessed in Jamaica

The crime groups in Jamaica adopted a discrete name called “posse” to differentiate them from each group. They were originally street gangs in Jamaica who resort to unlawful or antisocial ends. This creation was based on political affiliation, neighborhood, or group characteristics. At present, Jamaica has one of the highest rates of homicide in the world; besides, it is home to a large number of criminal gangs. The people living in the inner-city neighborhood fear risk of their life and security both from the police personal and the gangs residing there. Violence in every form has engraved the lives of the already poverty stricken people, and protection and security of the citizens is a far off cry.

Jamaica has one of the highest rates of homicide in the world

The people of the nation believe that they have been denied justice. The great majority of the victims live in the disadvantaged inner-city areas. Their rights to life and security are compromised as they are torn between criminal violence and violent policing methods. They are already struggling to survive as they yearn for safe drinking water, inadequate access to electricity and widespread unemployment.

The Jamaican government has done very little for its people and they feel neglected.  Years of neglect coupled with unceasing unemployment and lack of basic infrastructure have forced the populace to turn into criminal gangs. Furthermore, the common people have little alternative other than turning to the gangs for access to jobs, education and medical care. Also, because the government do not engross itself with the society and overlook its interests, the community leaders who are involved in petty crimes, take the task in their hands for providing legal and illegal jobs to the residents of that area.

When police themselves turn into criminals, the result is brutality and torture. This is what Jamaicans are experiencing. The police officers treat every person living in the inner city as criminals or a thief. They resort to abuses and excessive force and this has resulted in a growing sense of alienation among some persons in the society. Even security forces resort to discrimination and killings of the innocent people. The widespread violence has disrupted the education system as children are so traumatized that they prefer staying at home. It has also disrupted the work culture as people cannot travel outside their home for fear of getting killed.

Human rights violations can be found in its worst form in the Jamaican society and the integrity, security and dignity of the people are incredibly at stake.


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