Water scarcity in Jordan, will it alleviate?

Jordan comprises 90percent of desert area; in addition it is a semi-dry region. In view of the long-lasting dry weather, streams are drying up and water levels across the desert Arab kingdom are declining. According to the Climatologists, the global climate change is the culprit here. The impact has altered the rainfall patterns in the region. Furthermore, Jordon is going to be severely affected by the climate change.

Jordan is facing a severe drought like situation.

Jordan, akin to the rest of the Middle East, is facing a severe drought like situation and the climate change variation is not the sole reason. The political climate in the Middle East is contributing to the worsening situation.  The river Jordan, which is the country’s core river, has lost 95 percent of its normal flow due to diversion. Its neighboring countries Syria and Israel have built dams along the banks of the river Jordan and its tributaries. Each country is trying their best to take hold of as much as they can and in the process Jordan is bearing the brunt. As cooperation is lacking between the countries, so therefore they are not ready to share the resources, which is affecting the area a lot. Declining rainfall has also played its part in making the situation in Jordan worse.

Water shortages bring along with it various problems and the people of the locality have to bear the impact more than anybody else. Likewise, the populaces of Jordan are having heaps of problems when it comes to doing daily chores like having showers, toilet-flushing, cooking, house-cleaning, and drinking. Moreover, the country’s population is endlessly rising and the periodic massive influxes of refugees are making it unfeasible for the water problem to wipe out. The end result is the ever-increasing gap between water supply and demand and it threatens to broaden extensively.

The Jordanian Government is trying to adopt a comprehensive approach which it believes will lower the gap between demand and supply of water. In 1994, both the Government of Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty which ‘’guaranteed Jordan its right to an additional 215 MCM of water annually through new dams, diversion structures, pipelines and a desalination/purification plant.” Jordan is already getting between 55 and 60 MCM of water from across the border with Israel through a newly-built pipeline. Alongside, two great water projects are in the pipeline with the ambition that it will provide Jordan with plentiful water both for domestic and agricultural purpose by 2020. But as this are future projects, therefore local populace feel that the water scarcity in Jordan is incurable. There is still a lot to be done for the huge water crisis which is crippling Jordan. What’s more, alongside paucity of water, arises lots of other problems which deteriorates living standards and health of the people. For the reason that, rivers is not only precious for the human beings alone supplying vital ecosystem services to people, fish, animals and plants, but it also acts as tools for the all round development of human and economic system of a country.


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