Human Rights violation in Malawi

Malawi is afflicted with rampant human trafficking and children are being trafficked from Malawi to Zambia to work as slaves on tobacco farms and as child prostitutes.  With the assurance of payment and fair employment, children are being lured away from their homes. The parents also sell their children since it provides a quick source of income for them. Most of the Malawian trafficking victims are exploited internally. Within the country, some children are forced into domestic violence, cattle herding, agricultural labor and menial work in various small businesses. The girls are exploited to no extent and later on they become “bar girls” at local bars. Tobacco plantations are the place where most of the exploitations took place with forced labor.

Malawi is afflicted with rampant human trafficking

Villagers often move to urban areas in search of better work opportunities. Later on, they recruit children from their own villages by offering good jobs. The girls are being lured by brothel owners with promises of nice clothing and lodging. Upon reaching there, they instruct the girls how to engage in child prostitution.  As this violence against children often takes place in secrecy therefore this makes it hard for any action to be taken to stop it.

In some areas police use excessive force to handle criminal suspects and furthermore prison conditions remain ruthless and life threatening and resulted in a number of deaths.  Also there is a trend of lengthy pretrial detention which causes many problems to the sufferers.  In addition to this, security forces at times infringe on some privacy rights. The judicial system is short-staffed, financially unstable and incompetent.

The society has taken the problem of violence against women seriously however domestic violence, especially wife beating is common and it is seldom being discussed explicitly. Police do not usually get involved in domestic appeals. Wives in general became the victims of discriminatory inheritance practices as women often has less access to legal and financial assistance.  As far as the rights are concerned, women are at disadvantaged stage be it marriage, family, or property rights. Though efforts are being made to uphold human rights of the Malawian populace, however much is needed to be done for the upliftment of the society.

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