Maternal Mortality Rate on the rise in Liberia

Being one of the poorest countries in the world, Liberia’s half of the population lives in extreme poverty. Following years of civil war, the country is in ruins and the country is deficient in basic health care facility, nutrition, education and protection from hostility, abuse and abduction. However, what is terrifyingly worrying is the fact that Liberia has the most terrible maternal mortality rate in the world.

Liberia has the eight highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

Liberia has the eight highest maternal mortality rates in the world. The Ministry of Health is not focusing aptly in the issue owing to which maternal and neo-natal mortality remain at very high levels throughout the country. There has been a rise in the number of women dying during child birth. A UN report claims that since the 1980s the cases of death of women during childbirth in Liberia have almost doubled.  Due to Liberia’s 14 years of conflict, most of the countries health care infrastructure has been destroyed and many medical professionals have fled. The remaining medical professionals have been left to contend with the shortage of medical equipment, pharmaceutical supplies and health facilities. Another disadvantage is that as the distance between their homes and the hospital is miles away, most pregnant women die while been taken to the nearest clinic, which is a walk of seven or eight hours, as there is no car to help them reach the clinic.

Some other causes of the high date rate of the expectant mothers are complications related to unsafe abortions and teen pregnancy. In case of teen pregnancy as the children are too young they don’t follow proper care and they die out of complications. Complications arises because many deliveries take place at home and birth attendants are absent during the deliveries. And even if they remain present they lack the necessary skills for safe deliveries.  All these are contributing to the towering death rate of the expectant mothers.

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