Human Trafficking in Mongolia

One of the gravest problems that Mongolians are facing is the menace of human trafficking. Since 1990s Mongolia has undergone dramatic social, economic and political changes but the problem of human trafficking is still persistent in the region. The lives of the Mongolian women particularly young, single women who are unemployed students are in jeopardy and they are at times not even aware about the dangers that they may face.

The problem of human trafficking is growing in magnitude and is a serious crime

The women are usually recruited and transported abroad for the purpose of coerced prostitution. They are deceived about the nature and conditions of the employment. They even need to sign contracts which mean they are inviting problems for themselves. Most of the trafficked women are between the ages of 18 and 25. All the women who are trafficked are healthy and good looking and single. The women were promised of better employment opportunities abroad and they are lured by it. But once they return home, which is very rare, they return empty handed and suffer from anxiety and depression. Some of them even hide the truth of what had happened with them. Sometimes when the women return to their home they are still harassed by the traffickers.

Mongolian women are trafficked within the country and cross borders. The methods of trafficking are varied and include luring, deception, snatching, abduction, abusing of power and authority. The places where they are trafficked are, Ulaanbazar, China, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and some countries in Europe.

The problem of human trafficking is growing in magnitude and is a serious crime plus a recently surfaced social problem. The Government of Mongolia is trying to deal with the issues effectively by providing better aid and protection to the victims. Much more is needed to be done; moreover the civil society can come forward to give a helping hand to the Government in combating the crime against women of Mongolia.


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