Water crisis in Malta

Malta is one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries. Malta is famous for the quantity and quality of its beaches and therefore it has become a common vacation spot for many Europeans specially the British and the Germans. But because of the influx of the tourists the demand of water has increased manifold. The increase in demand for water both by the tourists and by the local residents has stressed the desalination plants. This has resulted in inadequate water supply. Along with inadequate water supply Malta is also facing the problem of deforestation and the preservation of its wildlife.

Water is inadequate and under severe pressure in the Maltese islands.

As the region gets limited amount of rainfall mostly during summer so therefore the country is lacking in fresh water for human consumption. The country’s extremely limited fresh water resources have led to increasing dependence on desalination. Also due to limited rainfall the country’s agricultural sector is also suffering as there is lack of adequate water for crops. Currently, only 31percent of Malta’s land is arable land and only 3 percent is planted with permanent crops. Although Malta’s government has made varied efforts to control save the natural habitats and conservation of the animal and plant life which are in danger of extinction but much is yet needed to be done.

As the demand for fresh water increases therefore it has resulted in increasing levels of production. Ground water resources have been exploited beyond their sustainable yield resulting in water shortages. The salinity levels in groundwater and ultimately to tap water have risen to much higher levels which is detrimental to human health. It has also adverse effect in agriculture and industry.

The Maltese society should be made aware about the waste of water, which ultimately leads to lack of access to drinking water. The attitude to water management and conservation need to change drastically if Maltese society does not want to face water crisis. Water is inadequate and under severe pressure in the Maltese islands. In addition, the natural water resources are over exploited and deficient for the population of the islands.


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