Poverty in Namibia

Namibia is a middle-income country and the income gap between the rich and the poor is one of the most noticeable in the world. Though gender equality and access to basic education are taken into consideration by the Government of Namibia, but still there is a huge imbalance between the rich and the poor. A miniature section of the population enjoys considerable wealth; however poverty is all time high in the rural vicinity of Namibia. The rural poor who consist of 70 percent of the population are typically undereducated. Health care facility is very poor in the region in addition to inadequate sanitation. The nutritional intake of the population is consistently poor especially during extended years of drought.

Poverty is all time high in the rural vicinity of Namibia

The poverty status in Namibia is closely correlated with a lot of social, demographic, geographic and economic features of household. Varied surveys have revealed that the rate of poverty is higher in houses which are headed by female, based in rural areas and have one or more children. However, it has been found that Northern Namibia suffers from a high level of poverty and food insecurity. Unemployment is all time high in the region with low agricultural productivity.  Many rural households are vulnerable to food shortages and hunger as a result of frequent crop failure, crop pests and livestock diseases, insufficient grazing due to drought, environmental degradation due to overstocking and poor agronomic practices and crime leading to loss of livestock and crop income.

Though Namibia has plenty of natural resources but only a few elite continue to benefit from these resources while the majority suffers from poverty.


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