Boy preference causing social imbalances in Vietnam

The age-old preference of boys over girls can be seen in most Asian countries. The expectant parents may not admit it openly but they nurse it in private that their first preference is a boy. The same trend is extended to the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia called Vietnam. The ratio of female/male newborns is at an alarming level higher in the region and it is ever increasing and because of this Vietnam is facing severe social problems.

The age-old preference of boys over girls can be seen in most Asian countries.

Because of the preference of boys over girls, the girls are getting neglected who have a higher mortality rate than boys in the country. Also for most of these girls, life seems harder as they have to conform and submit to all demands. Another major problem which arises due to decreasing female ratio is the unavailability of girls for marriage. As men outnumber girls in the country so therefore, it may lead to rise in sexual violence and trafficking in women. Preference of boys over girls is also creating problems for the expectant mother as it has been seen many a times that the women is treated very badly by the husband’s family after giving birth to a girl child.

Vietnam is a traditional society and with a strong predilection for boys over girls, the future of girl child is looming large in the region. Increased availability of ultrasound and amniocentesis to determine the sex of a fetus, combined with ready access to abortion has enabled couple to pre-select the sex of a child. There is an old saying in Vietnam “With one son you have a descendent, with 10 daughters you have nothing”, this sentiment is still found in the modern society. If the sex ratio imbalances are not controlled at the utmost than it is going to create social imbalances in the society and the end result will be devastating.


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