Richard Broody, a multi- talented leader

Successfully carrying out the duty of a Senior Consultant in RGB Consultation Services, Richard Broody has come a long way and can pride himself on having worked mutually in profit and non-profit sectors. With 30 years of experience in the sector, Richard Broody is a thriving personality. Richard Broody has worn many hats, starting from serving as a Chief Operating Officer, Executive Division Coordinator to Manager in various organizations. While functioning as the Head in diverse organizations, Richard Broody has also shown his expertise while carrying out the duties of a Supervisor, Development Director, Board member and Corporate Executive.He has also organized all aspects of meetings, conferences, and events. Richard Broody has also shown his expertise as an expert negotiator. Furthermore, he has extended his help in training personnel for new offices. Besides, he tried his hands in creating new marketing programs while expanding and refining new ones. He has also developed training programs and conducted sales and marketing training while creating and analyzing budgets. In addition, he has also developed and supervised marketing and ad campaigns. What’s more, Richard Broody has also acted as a Company Spokesperson.

Richard Broody has marked his appearance on over two hundred radio and television programs. Along with this, he has penned a book and written over hundreds of online and magazine articles and developed telephone scripts for the company’s telemarketers and Customer Service Representatives. For over thirty years, Richard Broody has developed implemented and customized sales and marketing presentations for many corporations, associations, professional practices and organizations.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Richard Broody has worked as a Coordinator for a Financial Services Company as the Director in the Executive and Training Division. While working here, Richard created scripts along with authorizing training programs and executing “sales drills”. Also, the nationwide financial services organizations gained from his custom-made programs.During that period, he also personalized the world’s most flourishing multi-level marketing plan to the upscale New York City and Long Island markets.In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, as one of the most popular niche marketers to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Mr. Broody created a unique Bon Appétit Dining Program, and an extensive marketing program  to both travel agents and consumers.

In 1997, Richard Broody has also opened his own natural products distribution company where he successfully customized scripts and sales techniques to his company’s staff. Furthermore, Richard Broody presently perform Board training, Board Goal setting and Achievement, while acting as the Director of Development and Director of Operations for a nonprofit environmental group. He also utilized techniques to successfully request and receive contributions.

Richard Broody is also fruitfully involved in marketing and management of real estate. So far, Richard Broody has been successful in whatever endeavor he has embarked on. He goes on by the motto, “I will tell you what you NEED to know, NOT just what to hear!”

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