Michael Beckett, a dynamic leader

Michael Beckett, who heads the Caring for Business Ltd. as the Executive Director has hands-on experience ranging from governing body to political organizations to various levels of boards like charity, credit, credit union, and company boards. He can pride himself on getting the opportunity to act on a range of career and to exercise executive functions from being CEO to chairing Organizations and meetings. Along with this, Michael has experience in specialist sectors of Advice, BME Community Development, Fund raising, Health and Safety, Housing, HR, Legal Aid, Mental Health, NHS, Research, Volunteer Management, Leadership and Corporate Governance. A multi-faceted personality, Michael Beckett has added another feather in the cap, when in July 2011; he was awarded a Certificate with Distinction for showing his capabilities to direct company. Presently, he is studying to be a Chartered Director.

While functioning as the Executive Director of York and District Mind, Michael Beckett increased turnover from 120k to 300kplus in three years. In addition, he has been instrumental in increasing membership from 20 to more than 160 and starting with volunteers from less than 50 to over 150. By maximizing the production of the volunteer hours, the charity is heading towards growth under Michael’s leadership.

The vulnerable local people are benefited by his quality service. In order to produce a new combined charity, he is leading the charity into a merger with Our Celebration with a projected turnover well in excess of 1/2 million for 2011-12. York and District Mind, the social enterprise made its impact when it is rated as the 35th (impact wise), and made its position in the whole UK as 69th best enterprise by the Social Return on Investment network. The survey was conducted RBS SE100 index ranking. Michael along with his team is positioned as 6th on the whole and 3rd in terms of impact, in Yorkshire and Humber.

In May 2010, Michael Beckett also stood for Parliamentary election. In 2009, Michael Beckett was proposed by the ABCUL conference and passed that very motion which the committee was not inclined to pass.

Currently, Michael Beckett is heading the Caring for Business Limited as the Executive Director. In September 2010, Michael Beckett along with his friend Heather Cowan formed this company. The aim of this venture was to lend a helping hand in delivering business solutions for the people who are working in Small and Medium Enterprises with Strategic and Management improving efficiency and effectiveness. The Company’s focus is to unleash the human capital which is the heart of every business.


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