Ronald Grey, a versatile leader

Ronald Grey began training for the Presidential statecraft in a very early age. He was born in the year 1964. The subject of Economics interest him a lot and he spend his spare time in fine-tuning his music along with playing sports and honing cooking skills. Grey also showed his skills as a Medical Specialist during period of war and he also worked for the U.S. Army. He graduated from Basic Combat Training with the U.S. Army Field Artillery in Oklahoma and the Texas Academy of Health Sciences. What follows is the Commander’s Award which paved the way for him to become a Chief Medic in California with 2nd Battalion of the 185th Armor Regiment.

He earned the Commander’s Award in the Institute and soon after he was appointed as a Chief Medic with 2nd Battalion of the 185th Armor Regiment in California. Ronald Grey’s interest in music led to the admission in the U.S. Army Element School of Music in Virginia, where he learned to play guitar. Subsequently he was enrolled in the U.S. Army Bands as a guitarist.

In the year 1988, he graduated from the institute with a good command over music. This led him to Germany. Consequently, he got the opportunity to find a place in the renowned 3rd Infantry Division’s Marne Band. Grey was awarded the Army Achievement Medal by the Secretary of the Army in 1989.  In the same year, President George Bush sent Grey to an extraordinary task at the back of the Berlin Wall, en route for Hungary to take part in a celebration of jubilant military bands. When the celebration ended, John Marsh, who Heads the Secretary of the Army congratulated Ronald Grey for showing efficient leadership skills.

During his free time he eagerly carried out research in the year 1990 to find out those military, which were categorized as absentee voters from California, meant for Senator Pete Wilson’s victorious campaign. In the year 1991, Ronald set for Bavaria, Germany soon after he left his previous duty. Subsequently, Grey was appointed as an Aide in the Recreational Department of the U.S. Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC). Ronald’s work took him close to the natural world as he was required to do sailing, skiing and the like and this led to the discovery of the love for nature. He also discovered that protecting the environment could lead to economic benefits.

Ronald Grey managed a lot of work collectively from being a DJ in clubs to founding a flourishing trade. The trade comprises the local nationals along with the American expatriate and they performed at a good number of concerts in the Czech Republic. He also guided the American Band and the Stingrays.

Ronald Grey added another feather in his cap during the Operation Desert Storm when he was awarded with the National Defense Service Medal for showing bravery during the war period. Along with this, he has won a number of awards, like Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal and Army Commendation Medal.  What’s more, Ronald Grey can pride himself on receiving a grenade Marksman and Expert Badges for M-16.

Ronald Grey is the spot on example of a great leader under whose guidance many a mission has been accomplished without fail.


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