Surging Illegal Immigration in Greece

Large numbers of Illegal immigrants from Asian and African states establish their place in Greece. These immigrants enter Greece mainly through the Greek-Turkish borders without facing any hurdles. Because of this Greece has become a source country of these illegal immigrants. At present, there are approximately 1 million illegal immigrants in Greece and it is ever increasing.

There are a large number of people who want to enter the European Union unlawfully and Greece’s borders are not able to control the overflow.  Though the authorities are trying their best to deal with the immigration problem but the overcrowding of the detention center has played havoc to the already grim situation. Also, the illegal immigrants who come to Greece sometimes possess temporary work visa or the tourist visa. There are also a huge number of these migrants who remain secretive about their whereabouts. So therefore it is very hard to find an accurate data to determine their numbers.

In addition to this, there are also those illegal immigrants who find work in the labor market. Greeks economy mostly depends upon small-scale family business. These are also labor oriented. Amateurish or semi-skilled workers are best suited for these labor works as they are paid less by the business owners and the illegal immigrants do these kinds of jobs to sustain their livelihood. However, the remittances which they earn, which are normally very low, they invest in their home country.  Greece must do something concrete to uphold its economy from ruin.

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