Is Syria going to face catastrophe in the near future…

Syria is a Western Asian Country with rare natural beauty. One of the striking sights in Syria is the co-existence of dry desert lands along with lavish green agricultural lands on the banks of the river Euphrates. However, this beautiful country is suffering from drought like situation and the lack of rain is making the situation worse. Like other Middle Eastern Countries, Syria encompasses 90 percent of its water consumption for the industrial and the agricultural sectors. And the demand for the water has increased over the years.

Agriculture being the main source of livelihood in Syria, it uses up almost 85 to 90 percent of water.

Agriculture being the main source of livelihood in Syria, it uses up almost 85 to 90 percent of water. Because of the declining water level the land which were used for agricultural production are becoming unfeasible. The wells are drying up and the local residents are migrating to far-flung areas. The river levels are declining day by day which are resulting in poor quality of water. All these problems are affecting the agricultural production. There is also an increase in the health hazard of the populace.

Syria is finding it difficult to sustain its economic growth, as agriculture which accounted for about 25 percent of the GDP, is suffering due to drought. Also due to the crisis of water scarcity, millions of families are being driven to Damascus, Aleppo and other neighboring cities which have resulted in internal displacements in the Middle East. To add to the worries, extreme scarcity of water have caused hundreds and thousands of Syrians to starve themselves and go on a diet of bread and sugared tea.

If something is not done urgently than the Syrians are going to witness a catastrophe. This has been expressed by Mufak Khalouf, who heads the Damascus Water Supply and Sewerage Authority. Mr. Khalouf is of the opinion that something should be done to find a speedy and reliable solution for the drought in Syria, without any more delay to avoid catastrophe like situation in the very near future.


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