The deplorable condition of children in Ukraine

Although communism has descended in Ukraine, however it has not brought about much change to the Ukrainian economy. People are still suffering from widespread unemployment, poverty, alcoholism, and various other problems for which the parents are unable to take care of their children. Huge numbers of children are abandoned daily and they take shelter in the streets. Once they are on the streets they become addicted to drugs. Huge numbers of street children turn to prostitution for livelihood for which they are infected with HIV. As there is not sufficient information available regarding safe sex and drug use so therefore children as young as 10 years old get involved in unsafe sexual activity and illegal drug use.


Children as young as 10 years old get involved in unsafe sexual activity and illegal drug use.

Ukrainian children are also trafficked for sexual purposes chiefly to Russia and Western European countries. As this menace is on the rise poor children continue to be the victims of sexual abuse. The minors work in deplorable conditions which are dangerous and unhygienic specially those who work in highways and streets. Due to this they have to be ill with sexually transmitted diseases.

The children do not have anyone to depend on and have to feed their own stomach. Most of them are orphans and they have to endure whipping and abusing from the people. Their future is in dark as they do not go to school. It’s depressing to see their condition and their way of life which consists of drug addiction, criminality, begging and prostitution.

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