Mounting refugee problem in Eritrea

War, discrimination and human rights abuses have forced about 34.5 million people in Eritrea to flee their homes. This was in the year 2000 when war and harassment were rampant n Eritrea. But when coming to present times, approximately one million Eritrean refugees are still suffering in silence. They can be found struggling for their livelihood both in the urban slums and in the rural refugee camps.

The main reason for these Eritreans to flee their country of origin is war and conflict.

Although many of the refugees returned to Eritrea however there are still a lot of them yet to return to their home land. Most of these refugees are from the Western Region of Eritrea. There are also a huge number of internally displaced refugees within Eritrea.  The main reason for these Eritreans to flee their country of origin is war and conflict. War has forced the populace to take shelter in relative’s homes and that too if they are fortunate or else they mostly flee to the mountains.

In the year 2000, Ethiopia captured Eritrea and this has resulted in the loss of lives of hundreds of Eritreans when millions of them fled their place permanently. Due to the war, every household lost two or three members of their family. The world has witnessed the grim situation where male population diminished severely. Due to the loss of the male member of the family, the burden of the family lied on the female shoulder and this has affected the agricultural production which has affected the daily life of the Eritreans.

A definite and reliable solution need to be adopted for the refugee problem to be solved. Basic human needs such as food and shelter should be provided to the displaced populace along with organizing health care and water systems. A long term strategy should be implemented to reinstate the displaced refugees back to the society.

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