Deforestation is playing havoc on the forest areas in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s wild reserves are waning rapidly. Although steps are been taken to preserve the natural habitat however nothing concrete has been done yet to stop the deforestation and this can be proved by the fact that almost 20, 000 acres of land and forest reserves are deforested annually. Whatever land is remaining is under the shelter of national parks and biological reserves. Also some other protected land can be found occupied by the privately-owned plots, wildlife refuges and indigenous and forests reserves. The privately-owned plots are most vulnerable to deforestation and all this is possible due to lenient laws and easy accessibility to obtain logging concession. The owners try to capitalize on the income by exploiting the land.

Trees are cut in huge numbers after which they are loaded in trucks and stride away

Trees are cut in huge numbers after which they are loaded in trucks and stride away. This is a normal everyday sight and this cutting of the forest trees has resulted in empty barren lands everywhere. When the reasons of such massive deforestation are evaluated it has been found that not one but many causes have played their part in ruining the forest area.

To begin with, there is no discrimination made when it comes to deforesting by the logging business party. For example, if they require only one or two beneficial trees they will clear away the whole area without even using them. Further, the logging business party encroach many new forest areas to make way for roads to transport the trees and by doing this they are inviting the populace to encroach upon the forest areas. Another foremost reason for deforestation is the production of grazing land. The forest areas are cleared for the cattle to graze over there. In this way huge area of land has been destroyed and the damage is ongoing.

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