Save the endangered species before it is too late

Lobeke National Park in Cameroon is rapidly losing the endangered animals due to heavy poaching. Earlier there were many animals in the park and the villagers need not go deep into the jungle to look for the animals. But it s a different story now, as the villagers are finding it hard to get even a glimpse of the animals, even though they venture deep into the forest region.

Lobeke National Park in Cameroon is rapidly losing the endangered animals due to heavy poaching

It has been observed from centuries that the people of Cameroon love to consume bush meat. For this, they have hunted for bush meat and for other kinds of animals to sustain their livelihood. With the increase in population they started to encroach more and more and this has resulted into the extinction of these animals. At present the level of poaching has increased to the maximum and the animals are in the danger of extinction. Not only bush meat, but other animals such as elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkey, antelope, buffalo, crocodiles and tortoise are valued as a delicacy by the Cameroon populace and this has affected the species which has resulted into their extinction. Poaching is illegal in Cameroon however it is still in effect there. In addition with the rise in poaching, the commercial exploitation of forests and wildlife has also resulted in the extinction of the species.

Bush meat is also a delicacy in far away capital city, Yaoundé and other places of Cameroon. Poaching is illegally carried out jointly by the traders from the Cameroon, Congo Republic and the Central African Republic. The River Sangha provides a safe haven for these poachers. Forest Guards are nominal in number and this has also proved to be a plus point for the poachers.

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