Spain under the grip of large-scale forest fires

Every year forest fires destroy huge numbers of trees in Spain. Forest and forested areas in and around Spain are becoming extinct due to the most important natural threat—Fire.  Comparing to all other natural calamities like tornadoes, parasite attacks, frost etc, it has been observed that fire is the most important natural element which accounts for the largest part of destruction of the forests trees. So therefore, fire has become a permanent threat for the forested areas in Spain.

Forest and forested areas in and around Spain are becoming extinct due to the most important natural threat—Fire.

It’s mainly during the summer season when the forests in Spain become vulnerable to fire. In addition, sometimes the forested areas have to suffer due to the mischievous conduct of some unscrupulous people. In a recent survey it has been found that due to forest fires approximately 200,000 hectares of land has been destroyed every year in Spain. Among this, nearly 80 percent are deliberately ignited. Furthermore, approximately 20, 000 forests fires have been recorded each year destroying the forested areas along with wiping out vast hectares of land.

The menace of forest fires and other erosions has engulfed about 44 percent of the territory of Spain.  The current warm climate of the region has further added fuel to the fire and aggravated the peril of forest fires. To reduce the menace of deliberately igniting forest fires in the region, Spain has formulated a law which will require the culprit to spend up to 20 years in jail however it has not much helped since only a small number of culprits are caught every year.

Besides all the other causes of forest destruction, one of the most viable causes can be attributed to the diminished link between the populace and the natural environment. Also the decrease in the rural population and conversely an increase in the urban population have played its part in diminishing direct link between nature and its populace. The absence of adequate knowledge among the urban populace regarding prevention and management of forest fires has also led to the aggravating situation. The end result is that the small-scale fires which can be controlled from becoming hysterical are not constrained and it rapidly tears down large scale forest areas.

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