Robert A. Meyer, a friend, philosopher and guide

Robert A. Meyer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. The game of baseball interested him a lot. He got lucky when he got to play centerfield for the ex-major league player Herman (Flea) Clifton. It is through Flea Clifton that Robert learned the art of self-discipline. Clifton inspired him with his teachings and taught him the appropriate tools to achieve goals and desires. The year 1963 brings with it a proud moment for Robert Meyer’s baseball team called Maier Airport. This proud moment was winning the Class B Knothole National Championship.

Robert Meyer is also passionate about reading. He has been greatly inspired by two great writers-Erle Stanley Gardner and Arthur Conan Doyle. Their famous books ‘Perry Mason’ series and ‘Sherlock Holmes Treasury’ respectively, have taught Robert the importance of deductive reasoning. Robert believes that great things can be easily accomplished by amalgamating reasoning abilities with intuitive powers.

The year 1978 was a significant year for Robert Meyer. It is in this year that Robert got acquainted with Praxeology and the works of Ludwig von Mises. The science of human action is called praxeology. It is better known as economics. According to Robert, Mises famous book “Human Action” stands as the greatest non-fiction book amongst all. Besides Mises, Robert also got inspired by another author and her philosophy of Objectivism, named Ayn Rand. Her masterpiece book ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and her philosophy of Objectivism created a huge positive influence on Robert’s life. Robert has learned to combine objectivist principles with timeless spiritual truths to embark on the life with satisfying effect.

During the late 70s Robert decided to indulge into a lifelong study of human action. This is in line with the great Napoleon Hill’s investigation for success principles for more than 30 years. Robert’s determinations lead him to several thrilling areas of discovery. In addition, he also acquired the benefits of everlasting rewards which he got when he involved in continuous learning process.

In the year 1985, Robert moved to Texas where he became captivated by psychology and psychiatry. This attracted him to read the impressive works of great masters like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl and the like. Robert learned the perfect way of living life with pleasure and ecstasy, he learned that each one of us deserve to live life like this, and he learned a lot about human behavior. Carl Jung’s teachings ignited in him a liking for metaphysics. This gained momentum with the discovery of Jonathan Parker’s ‘Mind Power Series’ and later “Pathways to Mastership’ course. Robert benefited a lot from daily meditation and discovered higher awareness. During the period of meditation, Robert has conceived many a writings and, writings, Robert believe is a gateway to constant pleasure and ecstasy.

With 30 years research and learning experience in the field of economics, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics Robert has discovered “The Libertarian way” of life. He dedicated his life learning and practicing Libertarian principles and selflessly sacrificed during the period. Robert believes that Libertarianism is at a dangerous crossroads. Politicians, Absolute Moralist and do-gooders have taken in command of our Government, and in fact they control world events so to say. They try to put in force those things which are ‘politically correct’ but ‘logically incorrect’. Robert helps you to discover those beautiful and uplifting values which make life worthwhile. The Libertarian Way of life calls for spiritual awareness for all individuals with personal liberty and freedom.

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