Growing poverty rates in Texas

Texas has a high poverty rate and this is due to the various factors playing part at the same time. One of the key threats of the population for which they are vulnerable to poverty is the prevalence of higher rate of younger generation. The majority of the state’s populations are young and more than half of the populace is minorities. Quite a large number of the populace is Hispanic. Mostly, these people are illiterate as a result it makes them more vulnerable to poverty. Many families can be seen living in dilapidated houses where no basic amenities are available.

The recent great recession has made more and more Texans fall into the grip of poverty.

The recent great recession has made more and more Texans fall into the grip of poverty. The middle class populaces are getting the brunt of the situation chiefly since they are losing their jobs rapidly and unable to find any alternative. This is forcing them to live under the grip of poverty. Those who are fortunate enough to get jobs are still not able to make both ends meet since they are paid a smaller amount then required.

When it comes to proving a helping hand to the populace the state is not faring better in it. Adequate services or benefits are also not available for the citizens. The Medical facility is accessible to only a small number of non-disabled adults. In the year 2008, food stamps program has been made available for the poor people however, a meager 55 percent of the eligible populace signed up for the program. This percentage was the lowest when compared to other countries. Higher authorities opined that they lack the support system which is a requisite to provide economic support or economic opportunity to the people of the country.


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