Terrorism is threatening the very root of Pakistan

After its establishment in the year 1947, Pakistan is facing lots of problems which hindered its development. It is a developing country which is rich in natural resources however due to the widespread multiple problems, the development process has become limited. Pakistan has been encircled by lots of issues ranging from poverty, lack of education among the masses, over population, lack of infrastructure, religious indifferences, corruption, bad leadership and the like. But one of the major problems faced by Pakistan today is the existent of terrorism and religious extremism.

The very root of Pakistan is threatened by terrorism.

The very root of Pakistan is threatened by terrorism. The neighboring countries of Pakistan like India, Afghanistan, Iran and western countries like The United States and the United Kingdom have always point the finger at Pakistan of linking with terrorist activities. The terrorist activities in Kashmir, India and Afghanistan have as well been linked with Pakistan, and also been accused of giving refugee to dreaded terrorist like Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan is considered as a ‘safe haven’ for terrorist and is also home to several terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Lashkar-e-Omar, Harkat-Ul-Mujahideen and the like. Pakistan is considered the most unsafe nation to live.

It’s only because of the exploitation by the religious fanatics and the retort of the military operations that Pakistan has been listed as a dangerous nation in the eyes of the world. Due to its troubled state of affairs, Pakistan’s economy is not able to progress by way of foreign investments. Tourists are terrified to visit Pakistan as the security system is shaky there. The Governments across the globe must acquire sustained policy and help Pakistan come out of this dilemma for the better interest of the entire world because to get justice for the entire world any single nation must not be left out. To go by Martin Luther King’s words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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