Michael Haupt, a unique business leader

With an experience of 20 years in the corporate field Michael Haupt has all the expertise and all the knowledge to successfully run a business. However, he found something missing in the business and off he went to high mountainous villages, far-off monasteries and forgotten manuscripts and spent 2 years in search for his quest. His discoveries along with the most recent breakthroughs have resulted in a fresh insight into meaningful business. His unique research is a step ahead of the conventional boundaries of science, history and religion thus providing a fresh outlook into business. Michael is ardent about bringing a change to the business world by amalgamating his insights into the business. He wants the world to be a better place for next generation.

Michael believe that anyone can have the determination and the willingness to work however what needed is to bring things to the table which others lack. And Michael does just the exact.  With more than 14 years experience in consultative training Michael can pride himself on selling complex computer systems to some of the world’s biggest companies like bank of America, Barclays, BT, Dolphin Telecoms, HSBC and the like. Michael is passionate about marketing industry and this has led to his widespread knowledge in the field. In his words, “I learn because I’m passionate about this stuff, not because I need to”.

Michael has spent 20 years of his life studying the marketing greats. With his experience and knowledge he is able to provide unique methods and input which proves beneficial to the entrepreneur. Michael is not afraid to take risks and he has even travelled to 7 foreign countries without having any form of income and without being familiar with the local language. This paid off and made him even more daring!

Michael is passionate about online marketing. He is a self-taught man and has dedicated himself to the business development both in the online and in the real world. Having more than 8 years experience in software consultative selling roles across Europe, Michael now identifies with the prospective buyers.

Michael has fruitfully spent 22 years of his life assisting technical teams in implementing intricate computer systems. This has lead him to Australia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA and working on his role he became an expert consultative selling. This has opened a door for him where he got the chance to interact with the business leaders of the world’s largest companies. What’s more, Michael has got his hands on the tricks of successful business and glimpse into what makes them successfully survive.

Michael’s unique methods, unconventional yet grounded marketing and business development ideas combined with extensive international exposure makes him a unique business leader. A leader who is respected and loved by those who came in contact with him!

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