Widespread poverty in Oregon

Oregon is not getting any respite from the poverty even its economy has showed a little improvement. The rate of poverty is increasing day by day and the consequence is showing in the shrinking household income of the populace. Every year the poverty rate is increasing at a rapid pace as when 15.8 percent of the Oregonians lived in poverty in the year 2010 compared to 14.3 percent in 2009. This increase in the poverty rate is a cause of concern for the populace.

Owing to the change in the economy the poor people are finding it hard to earn for their family

The people of Central Oregon are the worst sufferers of poverty as one out of every nine people lives in poverty. They lack the amenities needed by the Americans to live a decent life and because of this they are facing number of hurdles which is standing as a barrier in overcoming their situation. Living an economically stable life is a distant dream for the poverty ridden people.

Owing to the change in the economy the poor people are finding it hard to earn for their family. Data revealed that a high school passed out worker earns more than the worker without a high school degree. Also the shift in economy from manufacturing to service jobs has diminished the job opportunities for low-skilled workers. To add to the worries, women are paid less in the same workplace which again adds up to the poverty level for a single mother household. The poor people are prone to sickness because of poverty however once they are sick they are unable to go for treatment due to scarcity of proper resources.


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