Pakistan Poverty at an alarming high rate

Poverty is rising around the globe. The World Bank has reported a rise in the global poverty ratio with no exception to Pakistan. All over the world financial and banking crisis has impelled innumerable people to live a deprived life. The World Bank has further stated that 40percent of the developing countries are exceedingly exposed to poverty and Pakistan is in-between the 43 highly exposed to poverty risk countries.

Pakistan is in-between the 43 highly exposed to poverty risk countries.

Pakistan two thirds of the populace resides in rural areas where agriculture is the chief source of livelihood. Even if they depend on agriculture for sustaining their life they are deprived of basic needs such as safe drinking water, health care facilities, and proper means of education in addition to necessary social services. About 37.4 percent of children in Pakistan are malnourished and the number is ever increasing. The urban population is not better off as 40 percent of them live in the slum areas. In addition to all other evils of poverty, high inflation, price hike and scarcity of essential supplies have worsened the situation.

Poor governance is the root cause of poverty in Pakistan. The poor governance has resulted in lower investment levels and expansion, incompetence in providing social services and lack of public confidence in state institutions. Nothing much is initiated in terms of job creation. Importance should be given for generating jobs for the unemployed lot so that it could help in curbing the rising poverty rate in the nation. But the most important thing to be done is to improve the law and order situation in the nation so that it helps in restoration of business activities which will in turn employ people and help them come out of the rising poverty.

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