Water contamination, a possible health threat for rural Pennsylvanians

Millions of rural Pennsylvanians have to depend on private wells for drinking water. To provide good capacity of wells every year 20,000 new wells are drilled in the hope of providing safe drinking water to the residents. However, these wells normally do not meet the drinking water standard capacity leaving many people in the risk of water contamination from these private wells.

Millions of rural Pennsylvanians have to depend on private wells for drinking water

When the ground for water contamination was considered, it was found that soil moisture was the most common reason for the contamination. Due to soil moisture bacteria develop in the well making the water contaminated. Individuals who dig up well on their own for water consumption had never had their water tested appropriately. Because of this they are ignorant of the water quality harms and are less expected to be familiar with health related contaminant in their well. Only if the water could be tested before the consumption they could take steps to avoid the problems emancipating from contaminated water.

It has also been found that when the well owners were advised to taste their water and found it contaminated they productively were able to evade the problem. Compulsory testing of private water wells were developed no sooner than the completion of the construction of the wells and proper awareness programmes has been initiated to augment the frequency of water testing. Awareness regarding standard and proper well construction should be initiated so that wells should be constructed keeping in mind the drinking water standard capacity.


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