The plight of North Koreans

The fright of famine is forcing frantic North Koreans to flee over the border to China. This act is likely to bring risk to their lives but they have no other choices. North Korea has faced food shortages previously as well, furthermore with passing of time this menace seem to wreck havoc on the populace.

The fright of famine is forcing frantic North Koreans to flee over the border to China

The situation is gloomy as it has put the country’s 6 million population at the risk of malnutrition. Though Government rations are provided to the malnourished populace however it is not sufficient and more and more rations are needed to prevent children and adults from dying of starvation. The plight of this malnourished populace is very depressing and they are very desperate to find a solution. Many of this populace is risking their lives by crossing the border into China while many more are even attempting to eat manure to feed their hungry stomach. Rice or corn is what they needed but there is a heavy shortage of the same.

When the need of the hour is to provide food aid to the North Koreans, what is happening is, many countries including the U.S. has discontinued providing food aids in the last few years. In addition to this, many more nations has cut off shipments. The climate is not much of help either to the North Koreans as a series of harsh winters and floods has further wreck havoc to the already suffering populace. However, this is not the first time that the North Koreans has to face famine. The country has undergone similar conditions in the year 1955 when 3.5 million North Koreans were famished and purportedly starved to death.


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