Empowering Israel women through protection and equal rights

In the year 1948, the state of Israel was established and since its inception Israel’s women have been known to enjoy equality in all spheres. However, this belief is to some extent ambiguous. Women find themselves in a disadvantage lot in workplace, in divorce proceedings and also as victims of violence. Various social institutions, religious rules and even laws have put women aside. With the passing of time, a change in the political and economic climate can be seen. Furthermore, the Middle East conflict and the invasion of workers have added on to new problems. Women who are most vulnerable to poverty, health problems, abuse of basic rights and the like are the women who falls in the category of elderly, single mothers, Arab women, immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet women overseas workforce.

Women find themselves in a disadvantage lot in workplace, in divorce proceedings and also as victims of violence

The status of women has lead to growing awareness among the populace. The end result is noticeable as more and more numbers of women have found their place in the managerial and decision-making positions. Another development has been noticed as regards violence against women. Women were constantly under the threat of domestic violence, sexual violence, trafficking for prostitution and honor killing. However, abused women turn to shelter homes for protection. The families of these abused women can also find protection in these shelter homes. These homes are increasing in numbers to provide more and more haven for the abused women and their families. In the year 2000, approximately 715 women and 882 children were given refuge by these shelter homes.

At the present moment, to bring into book the violent sex offenders and the perpetrators of domestic violence legislation was passed. Reporting of domestic violence was also being made obligatory. Furthermore, The Domestic Violence Prevention Law was enacted in the year 1991, which gives power to family courts to issue defensive orders against aggressive spouses. Sexual harassment is now considered as a criminal offence according to Sexual Harassment Prevention Law and it can lead to civil suit against the doer and the employer.

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