Is population just a number game?

Indian population is on the rise every year. Population of some of its states is equivalent to the overall population of many countries. One instance is of the population of Uttar Pradesh as per 2001 census is approximately equivalent to the population of Brazil. India’s population is rapidly growing and the reasons are not hidden. Poverty, illiteracy, high fertility rate, quick decline in mortality rates and even migration from countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal have all played a part in the increase in Indian population.

Anxious over the rapid population growth India has taken steps to stop the rapid growth rate.

Is population just a number game or is it a sign of impending danger? Anxious over the rapid population growth India has taken steps to stop the rapid growth rate. India was the first country in the world to launch the National Family Planning Programme in the year 1952. Due to the family planning programme the countries fertility rate trimmed down to considerable level. The use of contraceptive increased by triple times, and the end result is significant low level of fertility rate. But after India gained independence in the year 1947, there was again a significant rise in population.

Rapid growth in population, industrialization and urbanization is causing serious environmental problems for the populace of India. Environmental pollution is leading to adverse effects in the health of the populace. Due to rapid growth in population problems like deforestation, land degradation, air and water pollution are increasing and this is also a grave cause of concern for the populace as it may lead to serious health hazards and even to death. However, educating the general mass and local leaders in relation to the undesirable and dangerous effects of over population may help in bringing out the necessary result.


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