Towards creating a healthy environment in Argentina

There is a growing problem of Electronic waste (e-waste) in Argentina which needs to be tackled immediately. Argentina’s increasing consumption of technology is the reason behind the e-waste problem. However, this dilemma is not the problem of Argentina alone it is been increasingly faced globally. Nevertheless, there has still not emerged any concrete public policy and legislation to embark upon the problem of e-waste.

Argentina has witnessed 2.5 kg of e-waste for every inhabitant per year.

Argentina has witnessed 2.5 kg of e-waste for every inhabitant per year. Argentina has a population of 40 million so therefore if 2.5 kg of e-waste is generated by each individual then it amounts to 100,000 tons of e-waste in totality. Computers, telecommunications, mobile phones are discarded annually in volumes.

Private operators mainly operate and participate in the disposal of the e-waste while chipping in by the state operators are infrequent. Lack of unemployment has also pushed many people to play the part of informal recycler. Their participation has currently become an imperative part of the recycling system. Several social organizations have now set off to participate in the process of recycling and reusing of technology projects.

Argentina does not possess a precise law to control e-waste however Article 41 of the constitution maintains that all inhabitants have the right to a healthy, balanced environment suitable for human development. The citizens can take respite from this coupled with the fact that along with private help several social organizations are also taking part in creating a healthy environment.


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