Much needed reformation in education system, protest on the rise

The quality of public education has decline in Chile over the years. This has led many students to come out to streets and protest and voice their opinions against the system.  In response to the ongoing student protest several people in Latin America from various cities are also supporting the student protest by coming out in streets. Their demand is simple. They want a good and proper quality public education.


The quality of public education has decline in Chile over the years

Several cities took part in it to show their support for the Chilean student’s confederation. Demonstrations were held for the same in cities like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Protesters in large numbers demonstrated in the streets of Santiago and anti-riot police tried to bring the situation under control by arresting several of them taking the help of tear-gas.


The students’ want reform of the educational system and for that reason they are calling for support. The Chilean education system is divided into three parts: (1) Municipal schools run by the Local governments. These schools are funded publicly and are free. (2) State-subsidized private schools and (3) Private schools that charge tuition. The state-subsided private education allows students to get free tuition at some schools and on the other hand some students have to pay monthly fees. This system is also known as shared financing”. The students are protesting to demand an end to the liberty of private schools which are getting state-subsidies to charge fees at will. They want that the extra profits which these administrators are getting through this system must be used for investment in underprivileged schools. The demonstrators are also demanding that the Education Minister should be directly in charge of managing public, primary and secondary schools in-lieu of local governments.


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