Rain water harvesting, solution to water crisis in Nepal

Nepal with a population of 27 million people is a landlocked nation. With so much population and more on the rise the problem of water scarcity is bound to arise. Water shortage is something which is faced by many countries in the world. Nepal is not an exception. Lack of water is faced by both the urban and rural populace. In the rural areas, people walk miles and miles of distances just to fetch water. Not only this, students don’t attend class to go in search of water and women remain hungry for hours to bring in water from far-flung areas. In certain places, some flights have to stop in the midst of villages due to lack of water.

Rainwater harvesting is the likely solution for the current crisis.

Rainwater harvesting is the likely solution for the current crisis. Rain water harvesting has been used in different parts of Nepal however this should be used more frequently to solve the crisis. The system of rain water harvesting should pick up the pace in other parts also which would help in solving the crisis of water shortages. The government can do a lot for this. The Government should come forward with a concrete program which should be implemented. This will encourage the citizens to take up rain water harvesting. This will also save the time of students while fetching water from such long distances and soil erosion will be reduced with rain water harvesting.


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