Safe Environmental for better living in Israel

A prime issue that needs to be tackled is the deteriorating quality of Israel’s air and water. It’s not Israel’s dilemma alone but this crisis has been felt worldwide. The ruin of the tropical rain forest, the diminution of the ozone layer, acid precipitation, soil erosion and depletion and global warming are the grave issues affecting the world today.

A prime issue that needs to be tackled is the deteriorating quality of Israel’s air and water

In the year 1993, top scientist of the world signed a “Scientist Warning to Humanity” accord which discusses about the ongoing environmental threat and the collision between the human beings and the natural world and its consequence. It needs a positive and a huge change for this planet to survive. Israel is also on the same path. Rapid population explosion, industrialization, increase in the use of automobiles has add to the environmental concerns lately. Environmental factors has also not been given due consideration.

Nevertheless, steps are being taken to tackle environmental hazard. On September 1993 to August 1994, Environment Year was celebrated with several activities devoted to increase the public awareness on environmental issues. Various projects on a national scale was implemented such as safe disposal of bottle campaign, eco-labeling on ecologically aware products also several cleaning and recycling campaigns took place. It was a fruitful year. Laws are passed in recent years to reduce pollution and help in creating a suitable environment for everyone to survive however there is still much needed to be undertaken on a more serious level.


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