Discrimination, stand as an impediment for the development of a nation

There are various factors responsible for the underdeveloped circumstance of the poor countries. Several social and cultural factors play their part in it and ‘discrimination’ is one of them. A country can be fully developed and production fruitful, only if all the people or groups from a certain tribe, a caste, a racial category group or a minority community group are not discriminated against and given equal opportunity. Along with this, another major issue which may stand as a hindrance for the development of country is the role of women. Women consist of half the population of a country. Discrimination against them and not allowing them to participate in political and economic rights will automatically undermine the development of the country. If women are not working then it is not adding up to the earning potential of the country.

Several social and cultural factors play their part in it and ‘discrimination’ is one of them

In countries like Cameroon, there is existence of both French speaking and English speaking regions however major infrastructure took place in the part which has more of French speaking people. Likewise the Welsh speaking populace in Britain or the Catalans in Spain have in the past faced the same dilemma. Furthermore, another dilemma which may be faced by several people in a country is racial discrimination. In such case, certain groups are excluded from taking part in economic activity. This results in fewer economic prospects for the group. Instances can be seen when the system of apartheid was apparent in South Africa from the year 1948 to 1994, also when Asian communities were driven away from Uganda.

If the country needs to build up, development in the true sense of the term must be implemented. Discrimination of any kind should be steer clear of as much as possible and the role of women should be realized by and sundry.


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