Overpopulation gives stress to Mother Earth

Many are of the opinion that modern populace will have to face a war and that war would be for natural resources. The way human population is expanding at the present moment it is only likely that natural resources will get depleted very soon and people have to come face to face for a war like situation.

The world is home to 7 billion people now and it is certainly a cause for alarm.

With the increasing human population planet’s ability to cope is diminishing. With too much stress on the planet the responsible factor is not only the increasing human populace, but how we desire to live, how we produce, consume and misuse or waste our natural resources.

The world is home to 7 billion people now and it is certainly a cause for alarm.  Scientist, economist and sociologist are trying to find a solution that is attached with over population. Stress will be felt more by the population who are dwelling in slum areas than those who are staying in wealthy places. The overall quality of life is going to suffer due to overcrowded planet. The need of the hour is to develop greener energy technologies and also new ways should be set up to replenish renewable resources. This is necessary because the direst effect of population expansion is felt by natural resources and this will pose a serious threat for environment quality.

One step which will largely help in reducing the stress of overpopulation on environment is to make the people learn the linkage between their actions and adverse global outcomes. When people will learn and be aware of their responsibility towards the environment they will start to take steps towards making the environment a pleasant place with such methods as recycling waste products and reducing the energy use and the like.

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