Extinction of Polar bear in the Arctic region, a cause of concern

The marine sea ice-environment affects the most beautiful animal on the earth-Polar Bears. Due to the Global climate change there is a risk involved to the habitat of the polar bears. Latest research has observed dramatic decline in the sea ice coverage over the next hundred years. In addition to this, there is also possibility of more declines in the recent years. Due to this there is always a danger on the size of the population of the Polar Bears.

The marine sea ice-environment affects the most beautiful animal on the earth-Polar Bears

Although it has generally been seen that bear species are flexible in coping with the changing surrounding environment, but polar bears are particular about it. Polar bear also have low reproductive rates. The humid temperature has melted Arctic sea ice at a disturbing rate. Due to this the polar bears are suffering because it has made it harder for the bears to find food as their natural habitat is under threat. It has also been seen that a number of polar bears have drowned while trying to swim to a safer place. The most powerful impact of the global warming can be seen in the Arctic sea which is melting at a rapid rate.

Polar bears can get a sustainable habitat only if green-house emissions are reduced. Not only Polar bears but global warming has also shown its effect on other animals in the Artci region. This in a way has also threatened the life of polar bears because now they have nothing to eat. If the current trend continues then the polar bear will disappear very soon.


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