Rural poor in Brazil finding ways to improve living condition

Brazil is no doubt an industrial and agricultural power however one aspect which cannot be overlooked is the widespread prevalence of poverty. Rural poverty is mostly common in Brazil. Income disparity and social segregation are the chief reasons of rural poverty. Brazil is abundant with natural resources but the level of poverty which is in existent in some of the rural vicinities is appalling. In the rural areas of Brazil 51 percent of the populace are affected by poverty.

Income disparity and social segregation are the chief reasons of rural poverty.

The North Eastern region of Brazil accounts for the largest number of poverty stricken people. Approximately 18 million populace of Brazil are underprivileged. The people residing in the North East region are the most deprived and the said region is also the least developed region.

When it comes to the standard of living of these poor people the condition is fearful. There is a lack of education and health facilities; lack of clean and safe drinking water, the sewage system is by and large inadequate. As far as technology and infrastructure is concerned, there are limitations in using the same. People are mainly engaged in agricultural income however they are also finding ways to add to the income by other means such as engaging in small-scale enterprises like handicrafts and the like. These are enabling the populace to earn income and more and more people are engaging in off-farm activities to earn their livelihood. At present, 30 percent of the rural populace is occupied in off-farm activities and this to an extent is improving the condition of the rural people.


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