Food Aid or Food Dumping?

What do we mean by food aid? In countries where lack of food is preventing many populaces to survive, due to many reasons, such as an emergency situation or long term hunger prevalence, ‘food aid’ helps them to tackle hunger. Food and related aid help such countries to come out of the gloomy condition and help them come out from the fear of starvation. With the invention of modem technologies it is only likely to believe that world food hunger will be solved with the help of food aid. However, as much as technology is needed to minimize the world hunger crisis so also it must be bear in mind that political and economic issues should not stand as a hindrance in solving the food crisis.

where the food aid factor comes into play, another issue crops up, it is called food dumping

Nevertheless, where the food aid factor comes into play, another issue crops up, it is called food dumping. It is a belief in the industrialized countries and also believes by all of us that food aid is a very laudable cause. There are in fact many sites whereby merely clicking a link enables one to help someone in a developing country get food. We all are aware that this is going to feed many a hungry stomach however, if the root causes of this food crisis is not examined then this act of food aid is going to make the poor in the developing countries dependent on others. That does not mean that food aid should not be provided for the poor in need however what we are talking about here is to provide long term solution for hunger crisis (nonemergency situations) so that food aid should not become food dumping.

The political root cause of the food crisis should be examined for the long term benefit of the developing countries. Food aids which are received by the poorer countries are generally free, subsidized, cheap foods which always are a cause of concern for the local farmers. As the local farmers are not in a position to compete so therefore they lose their jobs and this further push them towards poverty. Moreover, food aid is not a guaranteed way to improve the condition of the poorer nations and sooner or later a long term solution to this will be awaited by all.

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