Marine Pollution and the eco system

Marine pollution is a major threat for the Earth. The effect of water pollution is little known to all. Without second thought chemicals, sewage and garbage are disposed off into the ocean by all and sundry.

Marine pollution is a major threat for the Earth.

One of the types of water pollutants is the toxic ocean pollutants. This has a huge impact on the marine plants and animals. Lead and mercury which are generally called as heavy metal poisoning from the  industries are a threat to whales and sharks life as they build up in the tissues of these animals. This type of poisoning is the leading cause of birth defects in marine animals. Another harmful pollutant is the electrical equipment which causes reproduction harms in the marine animals. PAH’s, Poly-aromatic hydrocarbons are another source of marine pollution. This results from burning wood and coal.

The most major form of marine pollution is garbage disposal. All type of junks such as households garbage, fishing nets, plastics and the like are dumped in the ocean by all. Due to this garbage, marine animals eat those trash items which take them to the path of death. Fishing nets mostly is the cause of death for large numbers of sharks, dolphins and whales where they entangle and die due to lack of oxygen. A healthy ocean eco system is possible only if all these sources of ocean pollutants are controlled and maintained.


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