Will there be another Muhammad Ali?

Boxing can attract innumerable persons from around the globe to witness two fighters punching and thumping each other inside a rope. It is the only sport with excitement guaranteed. Thrill, amusement, excitement—you name it and the game of ‘boxing’ has all those to keep you glued to the game. The game of ‘boxing’ is attracting scores of fans since the 2oth century. The name of renowned boxers like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Clydach Vale and Marco Antonio Barrera are known to all for their confidence and desire in the game.

The game of ‘boxing’ is attracting scores of fans since the 2oth century.

However, such kind of passion and enthusiasm are not visible in today’s boxing game. At the present moment the game of boxing has undergone tremendous changes. There is a lack of real boxers in the line of Marco Antonio Barrera or Sugar Ray Leonard or Muhammad Ali whose style of boxing guaranteed excitement and there was no place for boredom. Muhammad Ali was for the one who ruled the game for decades. Regardless of all these, the game of boxing is fast dying. There are many factors responsible for the game to lose its popularity and the most significant is ‘pre-fight hype’ factor. The boxers are unable to live up to the expectations of the fans and they are more talks less actions. Instead of thumping punches and smashes the boxers are more involved in slating each other immaturely. The end result is that there is not much smoke after the fire. There are not many true fighters remaining. Only the pre-match hype evokes excitement to the fans and the viewers, but when it comes to proving it they are not living up to it.


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