Food Security and Women

Female also contribute to income of the families and nourishment for the family members. In agricultural sector along with men women also go to the field and toil with them. In the commercial agriculture women also have a hand as they contribute to it. Nevertheless, women’s role in agricultural differ from region to region and country to country. From producing high value products such as vegetables, lending a helping hand in crop production, livestock rising, fishing, to taking responsibility for certain specific types of crops and livestock, fish and forest women have also helped men in fields and agricultural production.

the contributions made by women to the agricultural sector and also to the income of the household are not duly recognized

However the contributions made by women to the agricultural sector and also to the income of the household are not duly recognized. Very few women get their due for contributing in agricultural sector and also due to domestic duties women are more or less constrained in their household works. Due to the societal belief that women are more suitable for household works, they are unable to contribute much to the family income even if they want and access to land ownership, farm equipment and acknowledgement remains a far-off dream for them. This belief restricts them which at times push them towards poverty.

Only if women farmers get the opportunity to earn and get income for their homes, hunger and malnutrition could have been controlled. Women mostly focus their expenses on nutrition for the family, education and health. They ensure that nutritionally balanced food should always be accessible to their family. The importance of women as primary food providers should be realized without delay as it would help in expansion of nation’s economy. Wellbeing of women will ultimately lead to well-being of the families and the country as a whole.


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